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Right on Cue

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There’s nothing easy about being plus-sized in show business. Katie Frazier is tired of playing the friend, the mother, maid, or Fish #3. She wants to star in her very first leading role, and the new play looking for a curvy, funny girl is perfect for her. There’s only one problem, she’ll be working opposite Elliot Quintanilla, and Katie wants nothing to do with him or his cocky attitude. 

Elliot needs to rehab his reputation fast. He was a rising star in the musical theater world before a bad breakup and a worse stint on the road stalled his career. When Elliot sees Katie at callbacks, his old attraction to her returns, until he remembers they can’t speak without fighting. This production isn’t his usual style, but he’ll take what he can get to prove himself– both to casting directors and to Katie. Of course, she’ll need to stop glaring at him during rehearsals if anyone is going to buy them as romantic leads. 

Somewhere between rehearsing kissing scenes and dancing in his living room, Katie goes from wanting Elliot to fall off the stage, to falling for him. Can she trust him not to revert to his old ways and hurt her again? Elliot will need to convince Katie that he’s worthy of being her leading man forever. It’s showtime, will they break a leg, or get their hearts broken? 

Looking for real locations that are featured in Right on Cue? Check them out here. (Coming Soon)

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Leap of Faith

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You can’t run away with the circus if it’s where you’re from…

Zora Novak isn’t ready to return to her family’s flying trapeze act, but out of work and needing the capital to open her own gym, she doesn’t see another option. She spent her childhood on and off a trapeze bar, but after her brother fell to his death during an act, the thought of getting in the ring again leaves her cold. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend is now managing Circo Parisi, and it’s clear he’s noticed her fear of heights.

Aiden wants to keep the floundering circus where they grew up afloat, and with his mother too
injured to perform and profits falling, he doesn’t need the distraction of Zora in his life. He’d avoid her, and the inconvenient feelings she stirs in him, but it seems they need each other for a new act.

Close quarters under the big top remind Aiden and Zora that, as teens, there was real affection between them. Ten years have passed, but the attraction remains. With Zora bent on leaving again, and Aiden already burned from the last time she took off, it will be the show of a lifetime pretending they aren’t falling (back) in love.

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