Pitch Wars 2017 #PimpMyBio

This is my first year participating in Pitch Wars or even knowing much of anything about it. This time last year I was completely out of the writing loop, as I had given myself the summer off of my MA in English and Creative Writing program and decided to skip out on Camp NaNoWriMo because my work life in the summer is wild. So I was ignoring all things writing while I focused on Summer Reading Club and keeping my library afloat while we were short a manager and two other staff.

This year things are (somewhat) more balanced so I am taking a whack at Pitch Wars!


Now, on with it.

C’est Moi

Hi! I’m Haley Kral!

I’m a children’s librarian at a public library, which means I spend my day reading picture books, doing storytime, helping people use the computers, and any number of random things that come up. People think being a librarian means sitting somewhere very quiet and maybe reading but that is not the case! My job is often noisy and stressful but I love what I do. In a given week I help people apply for jobs, teach STEAM programs to children, give reading suggestions, and clean up messes.

For fun I read, watch TV, go to live shows when I can, eat with friends, do pub trivia, spin yarn, and my boyfriend and I are building a witchy dollhouse.

giphy (1)

Some random facts in no particular order:

  1. I love Alice in Wonderland (in the above photo I have on an Alice dress, bow, and necklace and was going to see a ballet version of the story).
  2. I collect tea pots.
  3. I now own 6 spinning wheels.
  4. My house is also occupied by two black cats, a large dog, and two hamsters that look like mice.
  5. I grew up on a small farm and I’ve lived in Texas my entire life.
  6. I’m an occasional book reviewer at AllAboutRomance.com.
  7. I met my boyfriend on the internet.
  8. I speak French well but not fluently.
  9. If you’re around me in real life, I swear. A lot.
  10. I love all things witchy.

The Book

Or Rumpelstiltskin meets fae meets romance meets trouble.

Mood Board.png

This is a YA Fantasy retelling of Rumpelstiltskin set in the fictional country of Wilhelm. I wrote the manuscript as the thesis for my MA Creative Writing program, and it tells the story of Alary Mueller who, while trying to save her father from the king’s dungeon, gets embroiled in a fae plot to bring down the king.

In a mentor, I am looking for someone who can help me tighten my writing and fix issues like overall pacing and plotting. I have taken this story through peer and professor workshops so I am used to taking and using critiques. I’m not afraid to hear what needs to be fixed and work on it.

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#YABkLove Day 8: Fantasy

#YABkLove Day 8

Elves, dragons, immortals, angels, sword fighting or magic – what are your fantasy favorites? This tends to be what I gravitate to the most. I can go for either portal, urban, or high fantasy depending on my mood. There are always classics, or modern classics, like Harry Potter, but what else do you love?

#YABkLove Day 7: Cover Lover

#YABkLove Day 7

Here’s where you can have some fun. These don’t need to be books you’ve read. Just share books with covers you adore!

I’m just going to post a gallery of some of my favorites below. All of these have stood out to me for various reasons. Some I have gone on to read, most I haven’t. You may be able to guess that, with a few exceptions, I have a particular taste in book covers going at the moment.

#YABkLove Day 3: Historical

#YABkLove Day 3

What Young Adult book with a Historical setting do you adore?

out of the easy

I scrolled my Goodreads and realized I am scant on these, at least ones without any magic or paranormal elements. However I did find Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. Set in 1950’s New Orleans this book is swimming in setting. It has been ages since I read it so I am fuzzy on the details now, but I do remember the writing being incredibly strong.

dangerous angels

I also had a good giggle that Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block might even be considered historical fiction at this point. I read it in middles school (around 2002-2004) and it was already a fairly old book by then. I can’t recall the exact setting but I want to say they’re set in the 90’s which to today’s teens may as well be historical!

#YABkLove Day 2: Contemporary

#YABkLove Day 2

What contemporary YA book do you just love?

I’ll be honest, I don’t read much YA with modern settings, or at least I hadn’t been. I have always preferred YA with a touch of Fantasy or Paranormal because reading about high school settings and cliques and boyfriend problems didn’t appeal to me. If that summation feels derogatory, you’re right. I wasn’t really giving enough Contemporaries a chance, so I’m working on changing that.  I will share what I’m currently reading:


So far it is really cute!

And a couple I have really enjoyed so far:

What contemporary YA books do you think I should try next?

#YABkLove Starts Tomorrow!

#YABkLove Tomorrow.png

July 1, 2017 kicks off a month of Young Adult book love on Twitter! To join in, just check in daily for the prompt, either here or on the hashtag, or directly on my Twitter @MizHaley. The tweet your response to get the appreciation for YA books rolling!

What it is:

  • Daily prompts to start conversation
  • A month of YA positivity
  • 31 days of book recommendations
  • A way to connect with other readers
  • A way to relive old favorites
  • #YABkLove!

So please help signal boost this event! It won’t work if no one tweets. Share it with other fans of YA, reviewers, authors, etc. so we can fill Twitter with all the book love for all of July!

In case you need a reminder of what prompts are coming, here they are:

#YaBkLove Prompts

The #YABkLove Prompts Are Here!

I have compiled the list of prompts and we will be kicking off on July 1st with #YABkLove! Check here for updates each day with the prompt as well as some suggested titles, tweet on Twitter using the hashtag to talk about books that match the prompt, share recommendations, and best of all have fun!

Between now and then, make sure you share the idea with anyone you know who uses Twitter and loves Young Adult fiction. The more the merrier.

See you in July!

#YaBkLove Prompts


If you want graphics to share the #YABkLove, feel free to use the ones below.


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