#YABkLove Day 24: Long-Running Series

#YABkLove Day 24

What long-running series have you read and enjoyed? Something longer than just a trilogy or even just four. I rarely devote myself to long series, and for a time they were out of style. Everything was a trilogy. Now, with series like Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, it seems like long series may be making a comeback.


Which ones are worth the time?


#YaBkLove Day 20: Summer Settings

#YABkLove Day 20

In case you aren’t getting enough summer where you are (it’s at least 95 degrees here in Texas), let’s talk about books set in the summer time!

Summer love, no school, beaches, vacations, whatever summer means to you. What books do you know that are set in summer? I’ll be honest…I can’t think of any right now for this one. I know there must be tons. I’m thinking that back in the day I read a Sarah Dessen book set in summer but there must be others.

Someone, enlighten me with some great summer settings!

#YABkLove Day 16: All Bodies Are Beautiful

#YABkLove Day 16

I wanted a day to dedicate to bodies that, in any way, deviate from standard beauty. Interpret this how you will. It could mean plus sized, physical disability or handicap, too skinny, too weak, too strong whatever. I think for awhile there was a trend for all YA heroines being very skinny and pale and that is great for those that fit that description. However there is a huge range of other bodies that should be represented. So let’s see what you can come up with!

A favorite of mine is¬†Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy, about a self-described fat teen who is loads of fun (and a Texan like me).