#YaBkLove Coming Soon!

I have been so inspired by the community bonding happening on Twitter in the #RomBkLove hashtag. It was started by user @AnaCoqui, who also blogs at here, to bring people together to talk about their favorite romance novels. Each day in May there has been a prompt to get the conversation started and the romance community has run with it. I have been overwhelmed by the awesome book recommendations flowing in this hashtag, not to mention the friendships forming. And it all got me thinking…

Where is the YA community?

There are so many readers and writers of Young Adult books on Twitter so I know there must be the same type of enthusiastic community out there waiting to connect. So with the amazing Ana’s permission, I am stealing borrowing her idea.

So coming in July…

YABkLove Prompt Call

Each day in July we will share our favorite YA books on Twitter, Instagram, and blogs based on a given prompt. But first we need prompt ideas! You can get ideas from the #RomBkLove prompts found here, or do whatever you’d like!

Comment here with you ideas or tweet them with the hashtag. I will compile 31 great ones and share them with everyone before the event begins on July 1, 2017.

This will be 31 days of pure YA loving Twitter fun and I hope to see everyone there!