#YABkLove Day 15: Book You Borrowed and Never Returned

#YABkLove Day 15

So we are getting away from the genres for a day of confession. Have you ever borrowed a book and loved it so much you didn’t give it back to the lender? This could be from the library (although I’m a librarian so I will cover my eyes for those confessions) or from a friend?

Or maybe you did the honorable thing and went and bought yourself a copy so you could return the original.

I’m struggling to think of my own for this one…I do know I checked out Cinder from the library and loved it so much I bought my own copy though.


Your turn. Confession time!


#YABkLove Day 4: Go-To Authors

#YABkLove Day 4

Is there an author that is on your auto-buy list? Any time you see a new book from them you know, without a doubt, it will be great?

For me, this usually means that the author has written in multiple series or several strong stand-alones and really proven their strength. One great book won’t add them to this list.

Mine include:

Rainbow Rowell

Laini Taylor

Marissa Meyer

Maggie Stiefvater

Susan Ee*

Paula Weston*


*These ladies only have one series each but I love those so much that I know I will devour whatever comes next.


Fairy Tale Adaptations

My blog about fairy tale retellings and adaptations is now available over at All About Romance.

First there were vampires, then zombies, and now fairy tale adaptions seem to be the new entertainment trend. The newest film adaptation of “Sleeping Beauty,” Maleficent, scored big at the box office and has added momentum to the fairy tale fad. Studios hoping to capitalize on this are already planning live-action versions of “Cinderella” and more than one “Beauty and the Beast.” I have been a fan of fairy tale retellings since childhood and have spent my life reading and watching them so, obviously, the renewed interest in fairy tales recently has been right up my alley. Although I wasn’t crazy about Maleficent (I think it took the bite out of an otherwise fantastic villainess), I was pleased to see one of my favorite fairy tales getting revamped.

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