#YABkLove Day 17: Hottest Heroes #MCM

#YABkLove Day 17

Time to gush on the most crush worthy guys in YA novels. Who is your #MCM (Man Crush Monday) from a book that you can recall? Now, the standards are up to you. These can be dorky guys that steal your heart with sweetness like Levi in Fangirl or tough guys that fight alongside their ladies. It could be an evil guy you can’t resist like The Darkling in Shadow and Bone or a a jerk with a heart of gold like Ronan in Raven Boys. 

So tell us, what is your favorite?

The Alpha-Douche

A blog I did over at All About Romance is up today. You can go there and see my rant about the trend of having possessive, volatile, jealous male leads in New Adult romances. 

Click here to read “Possessive, check. Jealous, check. Volatile, check.”