#YABkLove Day 25: Horror

#YABkLove Day 25

Boo! What scares you? I read pretty much no horror but I am fascinated to hear what great YA horror titles are out there. Give me all the great creepy, bump in the night, psychological, gory, scary, terrifying titles you can think of!

It’s Here! My First Publication!

The first ever short story I wrote and, now, my first ever publication went live today! Its a sort of YA/Horror thing. 

Katie waved to her boyfriend, Jake, trying to signal him to get his car out from in view of the house. He had the headlights turned off, but there was still a chance of her parents hearing the engine or looking out to see the late model sedan. She fit the key in the lock and attempted to open the back door as quietly as possible.

Check it out the rest on the Penmen Review!