Pitch Wars #BoostMyBio

Hi! I’m Haley Kral!

I’m a children’s librarian at a public library, which means I spend my day reading picture books, doing storytime, helping people use the computers, and any number of random things that come up. People think being a librarian means sitting somewhere very quiet and maybe reading but that is not the case! My job is often noisy and stressful but I love what I do. In a given week I help people apply for jobs, teach STEAM programs to children, give reading suggestions, and clean up messes.

For fun I read, watch TV, go to live shows when I can, eat with friends, do pub trivia, spin yarn or knit, and my boyfriend and I are building a witchy dollhouse.



  1. I love Alice in Wonderland and collect tea pots.
  2. I’m currently obsessed with miniatures and just want to troll the internet for tiny things.
  3. I now own 6 spinning wheels.
  4. My house is also occupied by two black cats and one tortie, a large dog, and two guinea pigs.
  5. I grew up on a small farm and I’ve lived in Texas my entire life.
  6. You will never hear me expound about good writing habits. I write in fits and starts.
  7. I met my boyfriend on the internet.
  8. I speak French well but not fluently.
  9. If you’re around me in real life, I swear. A lot.
  10. I love all things witchy.

The Book:


  1. Titled RIGHT ON CUE
  2. Set in a theater
  3. Plus-sized heroine with confidence
  4. Enemies to lovers romance
  5. Grumpy actor hero with a bad reputation
  6. References to showtunes
  7. Speaks ill of Les Mis (sorry!)
  8. Cast of secondary characters I love with all my heart
  9. Partially inspired by my time as a middle and high school theater kid
  10. Maybe funny? Definitely sexy.


Published by mizhaley

A librarian, book reviewer, writer, as well as a pretty crafty chick. Generally a punk ass book jockey.

4 thoughts on “Pitch Wars #BoostMyBio

  1. Hi Haley! I found your blog through #boostmybio
    Your witchy dollhouse sounds fabulous! As does your book! And 6 spinning wheels? Very interesting! I’m also from Texas, and met my love on the internet! Good luck with Pitch Wars! ❤


    1. Thank you! I wish I could say I got a lot of use out of all of my spinning wheels these days but they’re mostly collecting (dollhouse construction) dust at the moment.
      Nice to meet you!


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