#YABkLove Starts Tomorrow!

#YABkLove Tomorrow.png

July 1, 2017 kicks off a month of Young Adult book love on Twitter! To join in, just check in daily for the prompt, either here or on the hashtag, or directly on my Twitter @MizHaley. The tweet your response to get the appreciation for YA books rolling!

What it is:

  • Daily prompts to start conversation
  • A month of YA positivity
  • 31 days of book recommendations
  • A way to connect with other readers
  • A way to relive old favorites
  • #YABkLove!

So please help signal boost this event! It won’t work if no one tweets. Share it with other fans of YA, reviewers, authors, etc. so we can fill Twitter with all the book love for all of July!

In case you need a reminder of what prompts are coming, here they are:

#YaBkLove Prompts

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A librarian, book reviewer, writer, as well as a pretty crafty chick. Generally a punk ass book jockey.

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