NaNoWriMo Numbers Update 1

We are currently on day 4 of National Novel Writing Month. This is my first time honestly trying NaNoWriMo so I was pretty nervous about whether I would be able to make my words for each day, since I need to do about 1,667 to finish on time if I write every day. Here’s the thing, I know I won’t write every day. It just won’t happen. November is normally the only month of the year that I got out of town for a weekend. Add to that the fact that I’ll have three Thanksgiving celebrations and my sisters birthday at the end of the month and I know, for a fact, I am going to miss some days.

So my plan was to get ahead early so I’m not stressed when I have days without writing. So far so good. It is 1:30 pm where I’m at one day 4 and my word count currently sits at 8,592 and I’m not done for the day. Par for today would be 6667. I feel good about my numbers so far and I plan to try and crank out another 1,000 or so words. I think I really need to plan on this initial rush of enthusiasm to get me to goal. My attention span is often short so I know that it will be a challenge for me to stick to this for

I will say, I have a huge advantage in working on NaNoWriMo this year. I do practically nothing at my current job. Today I had about 30 minutes of work and that’s it. It’s why I don’t like working here, but it is good for NaNo. Another advantage is that I’ll be leaving this job at the end of next week and taking two weeks off. I won’t start my new position until after November. So I shouldn’t have any excuses about not finding time to write.

Anyway, time to go start a new scene…

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